Aura is a new cryptocurrency and blockchain based off of ethereum. Users can send and recieve aura as a cryptocurrency, and developers can write smart contracts to power decentralized apps on the platform. Aura is powered by a worldwide network of independent users running aura nodes. Check out the network stats site to see the live network in action.

Aura was created to be the foundation for the upcoming YouStock platform: a tokenzied selfhood community where users can create and trade people stocks that represent themself and other people. Learn more...


Transact with anyone in the world


Always online


Strong cryptography.


Transactions confirm in seconds

Low cost

Free software and cheap transactions

Proven technology

Built with ethereum

Get a wallet

The easiest wallet for most people is the web wallet. It doesn't require downloading the blockchain, and is an easy way to get an address to start recieving and sending aura. The desktop GUI wallet is also a good starting point. It does download the blockchain to your local computer, and runs a full node in the background which helps strengthen the network.

Web Wallet

Desktop Wallets

command line nodes

If you plan on solo mining, joining the stats network, or other programming services you'll need a node. The desktop wallet also contains a node but it's burried in the app data folder.


join the community


Development fund

If you want to contribute to the development of Aura, send BTC to 397u6xaT5U89ozjN9JNkYdG1NtEe7s1iyE. Funds will be used for new exchange listings, future marketing campaigns, and other project related things. Current balance: BTC.


How much aura exists?

Approximately 12,000,000 aura will be generated through mining. Aura will use Proof-of-Work mining for about 2 years (3,800,000 blocks) and then switch to a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. The emission rate while mining is 3 aura per block, with 15 second blocks. This works out to 11,400,000 aura minted through mining (the actual number may vary due to uncle block rewards). The other 600,000 are allocated in the genesis block for the premine. After switching to PoS, there will likely be about 1% yearly inflation to reward masternodes.

Why was there a premine?

This project did not have an ICO and did not raise any funds, so the premine was created as a development fund to support the project. To be as transparent as possible, here is the premine address 0x47Ead7D1AA40674634de5b2AF86b93C48AdfF55b. It will primarily be used to incentivize users of the YouStock platform once it is live, run bounties, reward early adopters, and to support the long term success of the projects.

Is there a roadmap?

The YouStock roadmap includes plans for Aura.

What is YouStock?

Youstock is a sister project to Aura. It is a platform being built on Aura that enables you to create a digital asset that represents yourself and trade it with people on a new decentralized exchange. Visit the YouStock webpage for more information.

Is Aura different from Ethereum?

Yes. Aura is a separate blockchain, parallel to the ethereum mainnet. Aura will be about 10 time more scarce than ethereum. It does use the same protocol and open source technology.

Why create a new ethereum blockchain instead of using the ethereum mainnet?

The ethereum mainnet is quickly becoming too congested and overcrowded as more and more companies build their projects on top of it. This causes transaction fees to skyrocket and increases the amount of failed transactions as everyone is competing to get their transactions included in the main chain. By creating a new blockchain, we won't have to compete with as many other projects for blockchain space, and can keep transaction fees low and cost effective for the YouStock platform and anything else we build on Aura.